Jul 102013

How can she say no? She is rubbing you lovingly all over your body and you begin to masturbate during massage.  This sounds like an easy way to convince your girlfriend to have sex.  I have tried this and it worked for me. I had just showered and was laying on my back.  I was naked with a small towel over my groin.  I told my girlfriend I pulled a muscle in my neck and needed a deep tissue massage.  The kind the professionals do in the parlors.

Masturbate During MassageHer hands were under my shoulders and she was rubbing deeply up my shoulders then forward onto my neck.  It was a wonderful and I felt completely relaxed.  I wanted to surprise or shock her with a hard boner so I slowly moved my hand under the towel. She didn’t notice yet because she was reaching over to get more lotion as I moved my hand.  She was telling me all about her day and didn’t realize when I started to slowly move my hand and masturbate during massage.

As she was leaning over me, squeezing my neck I was getting an awesome view of her amazing tits.  They looked a little sweaty which turned me on even more.  I wanted to taste her and smell her aroma.  It wasn’t long before I was completely rock hard.  When you masturbate during massage everything feels even better.

Masturbate During Massage

Now it was time for the BIG REVEAL. I slowly slid the towel to the side and showed my huge cock as I was stroking away.  I love jerking off for my lady so I kept masturbating during the massage and when she finally noticed she was shocked and yelled “Oh my, you dirty little bastard, playing with yourself.  It looks like my massage is working,” she claimed.

I said yes it turned me on but not near as much as the view of your chest.  I reached up with my hand and pulled her shirt down from her neck.  Her nipples were revealed.  She leaned in to let me suck but then she pulled away again.

“I should shower first”, she exclaimed.

I quickly pulled her towards me and planted her tits in my face and starting gently sucking her nips.

“But I sweated all day, I’m dirty, let me shower.”

No fucking way!!  I love it when you are sweaty and smelly, it turns me on so much.

Jerk Off During MassageI was still masturbating during massage and was close to blowing my load.  It wasn’t taking me long at all.  She realized I was jerking and took over for me.  She grabbed it tight and squeezed real hard. Before I knew it I was coming.  She never let go and the cum squeezed out and poured down the outside of her hands.  It was a fucking hot site.  She started to lick her hands clean and swallowed the cum.

“It’s my turn”, she screamed and she jumped on the table and pushed my still hard cock into her pussy.  She was already wet.



Jul 072013

After giving and receiving a deep tissue massage, my wife and I enjoy watching massage therapy porn.

Massage Therapy PornWe find it is a fun next step after a sexual massage.  Usually we rub deep and use lots of lubricant and of course we rub, squeeze and jerk each others privates.  Usually she lays on her belly and I start with her shoulders and scalp.  It’s quite interesting, she seems to moan more when I massage her scalp as opposed to her pussy.  Go Figure. I slowly make my way down her back and eventually I reach her sexy ass.  I make my way between her legs and gently rub her clit.  I love this part, it gets me excited watching her squirm as I gently rub her and tickle.

Sometimes I get adventurous and tickle and finger her asshole.  I like to get flavored lube out and then lick her asshole.  She usually raises her ass in the air and spreads her legs.  I can clearly tell she is loving it.  I get really fucking hard when I see her in that pose.  She is sexy in that position because she is submitting to me and fully comfortable with me to see and touch her in that way.  It’s weird what arouses you and why sometimes.

Message Therapy PornWe have watched a lot of massage therapy porn and we usually watch videos like the one above.  Now that we have seen many hot scenes we like to copy what they do in the videos.  Many times we watch the videos as we complete the massage.  It’s really fun because after touching and rubbing each other for several minutes, sometimes up to an hour, the sex feels really hot.

The feeling as I finally get to plunge my cock into her pussy is amazing.  I love watching her eyes as I gently enter her.  It provides an intimacy level we have not felt until we started watching massage therapy porn.  You should try it too, you will love it.

Nov 032012


My wife and I frequently massage each other.  We often do it in bed before sex.  It is a great way to warm my wife up with soothing, relaxing rub from my strong hands.  It has become such a common occurrence I decided to buy a massage table.

The table adds great comfort as I massage her.  I’m not stuck in one position touching the same spot because of the difficulty of moving around on a bed.  I can reach her entire body.  This includes her private spots.  Her breasts especially and her sweet ass and between her legs.  She truly loves a gentle rub between her legs.  That is one of my favorite spots.  I love it when she sighs as I rub.

Using the table has greatly enhanced our massage table sex.  On this site, I’m going to provide many stories of how we have added spice to the bedroom, using massage table sex.  I will even provide some links to videos and tell stories of our roll playing and pretend rub and tugs.

I think once you have all this data you will have many ideas on how you can incorporate massage table sex into your love life. You will learn to slow down and enjoy the moments together because it will be so soothing and relaxing.  That is what we do now and we love it.  Rubbing oil on my wife’s hot body and seeing the shine and glitter adds an amazing sexy affect.  It really brings out her curves that turn me on so much.  Also seeing her be pleased by my fingers and hands brings us closer together.

There are a great many positions for sex you can do as well on the table.  One of my favorites when its my turn to be massaged is the milking.  I’ll provide a video at a later date but it’s when the male is on all fours and she reaches from behind and strokes your cock, just like if you were a cow.  It is awesome.  Just you wait for the videos to come.

Massage Table Sex

Massage Table Sex

Don’t be stuck in a position like this couple, where the guy could fall off the chairs.  Buy a massage table for massage table sex.


Nov 022012

Guess what??  I bought a massage table and my wife and I use it for sex.  It is so hot we love it.  Upcoming you can read all my hot stories of our sexual exploits found here.  I’ll also give expert opinion on positions, lubes and techniques to make your mate hot and heavy.


Come back and enjoy